Test driver

I have increased my efforts to show interest in the procurement of the family car. The weekend saw me sitting on the forecourt of a second hand car sales garage, entertaining the baby whilst the man of the house carried out an examination of excruciating detail on a dull looking vehicle. The one year old soon grew dissatisfied and I pulled out the big guns – peekaboo over the passenger seat. Emboldened by my success, I thrust a toy whale through the hole in the head rest which produced purple faced hollering from the one year old. By the time the man of the house returned from his test drive, I was in the back seat, singing manically aeroplaning a spoon loaded with baby food into the face of the child, who leered horribly with lentil smeared teeth. My efforts paid off. Following my lead, the man of the house voluntarily asked about the date of the ultrasound scan. A small but important return on my investment.